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  • Petter Løken

Advice to Remember

If you like positive, inspirational messages, then look no further than Salesforce Chief Digital Evangelist Vala Afshar. He regularly shares tiny nuggets of wisdom on Twitter and other social media platforms. I have put together some of my favourite messages and quotes in this article.

Here’s how luck finds you:

1. Work harder than expected

2. Stay teachable

3. Give without expecting a get

4. Read and write more

5. Show up on time

6. Focus on your customers

7. Develop good manners

8. Be humble

9. Be kind and generous

10. Surround yourself with smarter people

How to reduce stress:

1 do not respond to negativity

2 give without expecting a get

3 exercise daily

4 read and write more

5 get more sleep

6 be honest

7 forgive first

8 eat healthier

9 be a better friend

10 do not overcommit

11 complain less

12 show gratitude

13 start sooner

It is hard to teach

1 sense of urgency

2 critical thinking

3 creativity

4 customer empathy

5 team commitment

6 humility

7 unselfish giving

8 judgement

9 grace and dignity

10 positivity

11 optimism

12 bias towards results

13 active listening

14. Strong leaders teach the hard stuff.

Social media advice

1 do not respond to negativity

2 give without expecting get

3 do not nitpick as hobby

4 create personal learning network

5 promote others good work

6 do not try to sell, instead educate

7 tone of voice matters

8 connect people

9 choose kind over clever

You are not too old to

1 change your mind

2 forgive first

3 learn a new skill

4 share wisdom

5 be afraid

6 apologize for mistakes

7 love again

8 make new friends

9 be generous

10 be happy

11 remove clutter

12 re-read favorite book

13 show gratitude

14 try again

15 dare to dream

How to earn trust

1 do not lie (to yourself or others)

2 do not cheat

3 do not pretend

4 do not manipulate

5 do not hide the truth

6 say what you mean

7 do not defend dishonesty

8 give trust

9 explain your decisions

10 share your intent

11 deliver on promises

12 do not brag

As I got older, I realized

1 lost money can be found; lost time is lost forever

2 learning to learn, and changing yourself is a superpower

3 you are not your job

4 networking is about giving

5 best teacher is your last mistake

6 good manners as important as good education

Advice to my younger self

1 read more

2 write what you learn

3 speak publicly

4 value friendships

5 ask better questions

6 learn to invest (time)

7 you are not your job

8 know when to leave

9 find a mentor

10 forgive first

11 solve harder problems

12 networking is about giving

10 things to quit right now

1 a sense of entitlement

2 speaking poorly behind people’s back

3 constantly complaining

4 lying to yourself

5 making excuses

6 worrying about past

7 interrupting people

8 bragging about being busy

9 fishing for compliments

10 settling for mediocrity

10 habits of happy people

1 kind to others

2 optimistic and hopeful

3 forward looking

4 forgiving

5 humble and grateful

6 good manners

7 work that brings joy and purpose

8 mindful and aware

9 physical and mentally fit

10 spend quality time with loved ones

The bosses we remember

1 provided us a safe space to grow

2 opened career doors

3 defended us when we needed it

4 recognized and rewarded us

5 developed us as leaders

6 inspired us to stretch higher

7 led by example

8 told us our work mattered

9 forgave us when we made mistakes

The coolest people I know

1 have great manners

2 remember and use people's names

3 show up on time

4 are lifelong students

5 listen with interest

6 do not respond to negativity

7 eat last

8 mentor and sponsor

9 give without expecting a get

10 talk less, but say more


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